The VS code dark theme I've been waiting for

One for all — A VS Code theme 🚀

I was browsing through the Visual Studio Code marketplace, looking for a dark theme.

I’ve been through that conundrum before though I’ve always settled on One dark pro. Sure, it’s nice and pretty eye pleasing but i need something with more consistent colors.

So I made a VS Code theme, well actually two.

These are the things i wanted from One dark pro:-

  • Consistent colors.
  • Getting rid of that very distracting orange color in the status bar when debugging.
  • An option to a slightly more darker shade if i felt like it.
  • Slightly darker but more lighter blues
  • Minimal colors across the editor

I’ve switched lot of themes, A LOT. To the point where i was just installing the same themes again and again. That felt very unproductive :(

Introducing One for all theme -

theme logo

A VS code theme with :-

  • Consistent colors
  • Two themes :- Traditional One dark pro dark and a slightly darker theme
  • Status bar matches the editor theme
  • Minimal theme across the editor

One for all

Code snippet — One for all
Editor — One for all
Settings — One for all
Markdown — One for all

One for all darker

Code snippet — One for all darker
Editor — One for all darker
Settings — One for all darker
Markdown — One for all darker

And yes. One for all is a reference to mha.

My boi Midoriya balling out to some all might Youtube videos

I initially made the theme to help my eyes, but if there’s someone like me out there. Thanks for reading. Please do check the theme out if you’re interested.

Find me at:




onw to 10x developer

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Navin Kodag

Navin Kodag

onw to 10x developer

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