The VS code dark theme I've been waiting for

Navin Kodag
3 min readMay 10, 2021
One for all — A VS Code theme 🚀

I was browsing through the Visual Studio Code marketplace, looking for a dark theme.

I’ve been through that conundrum before though I’ve always settled on One dark pro. Sure, it’s nice and pretty eye pleasing but i need something with more consistent colors.

So I made a VS Code theme, well actually two.

These are the things i wanted from One dark pro:-

  • Consistent colors.
  • Getting rid of that very distracting orange color in the status bar when debugging.
  • An option to a slightly more darker shade if i felt like it.
  • Slightly darker but more lighter blues
  • Minimal colors across the editor

I’ve switched lot of themes, A LOT. To the point where i was just installing the same themes again and again. That felt very unproductive :(

Introducing One for all theme -

theme logo

A VS code theme with :-

  • Consistent colors
  • Two themes :- Traditional One dark pro dark and a slightly darker theme
  • Status bar matches the editor theme
  • Minimal theme across the editor

One for all

Code snippet — One for all
Editor — One for all
Settings — One for all
Markdown — One for all

One for all darker

Code snippet — One for all darker
Editor — One for all darker
Settings — One for all darker
Markdown — One for all darker

And yes. One for all is a reference to mha.

My boi Midoriya balling out to some all might Youtube videos

I initially made the theme to help my eyes, but if there’s someone like me out there. Thanks for reading. Please do check the theme out if you’re interested.

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