The Intersect — About the project

What is the intersect?

From the famous series “Chuck”, the Intersect is a government database of encoded information harvested from every intelligence agency in the United States.

How does it even work?

The intersect is initially downloaded into chuck’s brain by flashing a ton images. And then the subsequent uses of the intersect require him to flash again with the images related to that skill.
This fan wiki contains most of the knowledge you need i.e if you need it. .

As I’m writing this, it sounds so weird for someone who isn’t familiar with the show. I apologize (no i do not 🙃).

So to make the intersect:

  • Scrape images from the internet
  • Feed them into a REST API
  • Consume the REST API on the client with a… you guessed it — a JavaScript framework✨

The stack i chose

  • gin (Golang)
  • Nextjs (JavaScript)
  • Heroku for hosting

This is what the final result looks like:

Alright then,


Part two at:

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