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Deploying Golang API to Heroku

This is continuation of the intersect project from

But feel free to easily use this to deploy your code.

To deploy it on Heroku.

I’ll assume you have Heroku cli installed and logged in.
or you can start here.
Install heroku cli

  • Create a Procfile that points to our binary with one line and place it in the root of the directory
// Profile
web: bin/Intersect_api
  • Run the app locally to test using
heroku local
  • Create a Heroku app
heroku create intersect-api-v2
  • Then commit our changes on git
git add .
git commit -m '💪'
  • And at the end, simply deploy our app using
git push heroku heroku-deploy:master
  • (Optional) Subsequent change can be commit using
git push heroku master


  • You can read the logs from with
heroku logs

That’s about it.
Now we can check our server at https://intersect-api-v2.herokuapp.com

This project is hosted at:

Find me at:




onw to 10x developer

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Navin Kodag

Navin Kodag

onw to 10x developer

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