Create a PWA with Sveltekit | Svelte

Navin Kodag
3 min readJun 27, 2021

I’ve been using Sveltekit and svelte for over a year now. I’m also anxiously waiting for it to be matured enough to beat NextJs in terms of community. But I like them both.

So, on this weekend I wanted to turn one of my projects into a PWA. When I wanted to do with NextJs projects there were a lot of tutorials. But I couldn’t find many guides for svelte beginners.

That’s because svelte has pwa functionality built into it.

Note !
Basic things for all PWAs:
- A website
- manifest.json [ basic icons,names,shortcuts]
- service-worker [ for offline cache ]

So let’s get on with it.


We’ll create a demo Sveltekit project:

npm init svelte@next my-app

Then we’ll choose a simple config in vite for the sake of this article:

Choose typescript because ts >>>> js:

Now we have a demo project setup with typescript, it will be straight-forward from here on:

Let’s get into our directory:

cd my-app

And run:


After that,
- In the /static directory, We’ll create a manifest.json.
- When svelte compiles the whole application the static files will be copied over to the build folder.

Then we’ll refer our manifest.jsonin src/app.html.

And finally we’ll create our src/service-worker.ts.

Svelte will automatically detect the service-worker in the src folder’s root and then register our service worker during build.
Isn’t that neat?

Now we just need to build or app using yarn build:

Now we can preview our build using yarn preview:

‘0’ is that a install app button,

Svelte makes it easy to make PWAs.

The source code of this project lies at:

You can find me at: