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I’ve been using Sveltekit and svelte for over a year now. I’m also anxiously waiting for it to be matured enough to beat NextJs in terms of community. But I like them both.

So, on this weekend I wanted to turn one of my projects into a PWA. When I wanted to do with NextJs projects there were a lot of tutorials. But I couldn’t find many guides for svelte beginners.

That’s because svelte has pwa functionality built into it.

Note !
Basic things for all PWAs:
- A website
- manifest.json …

heroku ❤ gophers

This is continuation of the intersect project from

But feel free to easily use this to deploy your code.

inside the intersect

This is continuation of the intersect project from

The Nextjs App for the intersect

I’ll quickly use a template to create the nextjs app with basic setup
with Typescript, Tailwind support because css is boring.

git clone nextjs-tailwind-typescript-starteryarn

This will give all the required tools already setup. So that we can get the app up and running in no time

  • You can use your preferred method for making a HTTP get request but I’m using axios in this one.
# lib/get_search.ts
import axios, { AxiosRequestConfig } from "axios";
export const getImages = async (searchString: string) => {
const config: AxiosRequestConfig = {…


This is a series to build the intersect project .. ish

Building the REST API

What is the intersect?

From the famous series “Chuck”, the Intersect is a government database of encoded information harvested from every intelligence agency in the United States.

One for all — A VS Code theme 🚀

I was browsing through the Visual Studio Code marketplace, looking for a dark theme.

I’ve been through that conundrum before though I’ve always settled on One dark pro. Sure, it’s nice and pretty eye pleasing but i need something with more consistent colors.

So I made a VS Code theme, well actually two.

These are the things i wanted from One dark pro:-

  • Consistent colors.
  • Getting rid of that very distracting orange color in the status bar when debugging.
  • An option to a slightly more darker shade if i felt like it.
  • Slightly darker but more lighter blues
  • Minimal colors across the editor

I’ve switched lot of themes, A LOT…

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

So, i was looking for a way to quickly get a YouTube video’s metadata without having to setup the developer account and get an API key since i just needed to integrate it as one small feature.

After doing a quick Google search, I came across the oembed API to fetch metadata for any video with using its link. So it goes like dis


(• ◡ •)/

But after a bit of refactoring 🧹…

\(• ◡ •)/

The basic HTTP request looks like this…${YOUR_VIDEO_URL}&format=json

Gives us a response like this…

"title": "Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You…

*lmao i couldn't any other pictures*

Being a junior developer at a startup is a tough job, for a self-taught developer and who is also getting a degree in Computer Science. I started out as an intern and transitioned to a full stack junior developer position. And these are the three things that became my kryptonite for a short time.

Since these are problems and since we are problem-solvers, these are my analyzes.



So , you’ve realized those ugly blockers that are simple to solve yet take a long time to overcome. They really keep you from writing that sweet, well-formatted code. But as…

So a project i’ve been working on recently needed a module where i had to receive user notifications in the background and also refresh user’s info as soon as the notification was delivered to a user .

Now, this could’ve been done using the cloud function we were using to send the notification. but we needed to refresh the data only when the user received notification.


the plugins we’ll need:


make sure you’ve set these up before proceeding

run the app once and find the file in android/app/src/main/java/io/flutter/plugins. …

I’m not an avid reader. I’ve only read a handful of books and this is the second self-help book I've read up until yet.This book was recommended by my Soft Skills professor.I was mildly depressed about the meaning of life before i read this book.But now i would say that I’ve have eased up a bit.

About the book

This book was written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho and published in 1988.Initially written in Portuguese,it has been translated to over 70 different languages.It is an international best-seller.The book is on the shorter side with well over 165 pages. …

Navin Kodag

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