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onw to 10x developer

This the continuation of the 5chan project : we’ve already discussed the Design and API
So for the final step I’ll create the frontend.

The flow:

  • New user opens homepage / app
  • Gets assigned a random user id until clears data
  • Generate random Avatars using @dicebar/avatars
  • Can create posts /…

This is the continuation of the 5chan project.

Creating the backend:

  • Setup project and download dependencies in one Ctrl+v-Ctrl-v :
# Create the 5chan directory
mkdir 5chan-go
# Create main.go
touch main.go
# Init the go project
go mod init
# Get go-fiber
go get
# Get GORM
go get
# Get air…

This weekend I want to make a clone of 4 chan. It won’t be as big as 4chan lol.
But still I’ll use this post to design and decide the stack to use.

What is 4 chan

4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. There are…

  • Seeding NestJs with Prisma And Faker

I’ve been working on this college project and I chose NestJs for the backend. You could just Hasura or other BaaS platforms for small projects. But I wanted to learn NestJs.

Note: Usage with other ORMs might differ but will be almost the same…

I’ve been using Sveltekit and svelte for over a year now. I’m also anxiously waiting for it to be matured enough to beat NextJs in terms of community. But I like them both.

So, on this weekend I wanted to turn one of my projects into a PWA. When…

heroku ❤ gophers

This is continuation of the intersect project from

But feel free to easily use this to deploy your code.

inside the intersect

This is continuation of the intersect project from

The Nextjs App for the intersect

I’ll quickly use a template to create the nextjs app with basic setup
with Typescript, Tailwind support because css is boring.

git clone nextjs-tailwind-typescript-starteryarn

This will give all the required tools already setup. …


This is a series to build the intersect project .. ish

Building the REST API

What is the intersect?

From the famous series “Chuck”, the Intersect is a government database of encoded information harvested from every intelligence agency in the United States.

One for all — A VS Code theme 🚀

I was browsing through the Visual Studio Code marketplace, looking for a dark theme.

I’ve been through that conundrum before though I’ve always settled on One dark pro. Sure, it’s nice and pretty eye pleasing but i need something with more consistent colors.

So I made a VS Code theme, well actually two.

These are the things i wanted from…

Navin Kodag

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